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Adorned by the alluring Drass River, Drass or the ‘Gateway to Ladakh’; also known as ‘Hembabs’ (local meaning = Snow Land), is one of the most gorgeous towns to visit while on a Leh Ladakh tour. Located on the Srinagar-Kargil Highway, this town holds a prominent place in serving as India’s defence line and is the second coldest inhabited place in the entire world.
Seated at a towering height of 10,990ft above the sea level, the limits of this picturesque town starts from the base of Zoji La Pass and takes the visitors through the ‘Treaty Road’, a historic trade route of the ancient world. Also a sought after destinations among the trekkers, Drass is definitely a place that should not be missed while looking for a Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Best Time to Visit Drass

Drass is strategically located in the Himalayas. Starting from the Zoji La Pass; at a height of 11,575ft, the town reaches a maximum of 10,990ft in the Indian Himalayas. It is located around 60km towards the west of Kargil and around 144km from Jammu and Kashmir’s capital Srinagar.

Tourist Attractions in Drass

  1. Zoji La Pass:

One of the highest mountain passes in Ladakh, Zoji La Pass is also among the highest passes in the entire world.

  1. Puga Valley:

A sleepy valley that is located around 22km on the east of the pictorial Salt Lake Valley across the Polokonka La Pass in Ladakh, Puga Valley is known for its natural hot water springs. Visitors enjoying their Leh Ladakh tour packages, throngs this pictorial valley and takes a dip in this springs as they are believed to have medical properties against diseases like rheumatism and skin disorders.

  1. Suru Valley Trekking:

The Suru Valley Trek is a 3-days trek that originates from the Zoji La Pass, passes through Drass. The trek usually takes a prominent halt at Drass valley, allowing the trekkers sufficient time to explore the magical beauty of Drass and its natural marvels.

  1. AmarnathYatra:

The sacred AmarnathYatra is an important pilgrimage among the Hindus. It usually begins from Pahalgam and a portion of this pious journey passes through the fringes of Drass town.

How to Reach Drass:

  1. By Road:

Drass has an excellent network of roads and is well-connected with most of the other parts of the state. Located only 142km from the state capital Srinagar, visitors can reach Drass by hiring taxis, cabs or even by own vehicles. State operated buses to Drass are also available at regular intervals from Srinagar.

  1. By Train:

Jammu Tawi at a distance of 739km, is the closest railway station to Drass. Visitors can board a train to this railway station and upon arrival at the station, can hire private taxis and cabs, or can take buses to reach Drass.

  1. By Air:

The Sheikh-Ul-Alam Airport in Srinagar serves as the nearest airport to Drass. This airport enjoys a good connectivity with most of the landmark Indian cities. From the airport, visitors can book state buses, private taxis and cabs to reach Drass.

Travel Tips:

Visitors planning for a Leh Ladakh tour must register themselves at the Tourist Registration Centre which is located in Drass.

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